You’re lucky. You have achieved what most people can only dream of: you have wealth, success, you want for nothing. You are discerning with the people you mix with, the places you visit, and the things that you buy. You are discerning because you can afford to be. You have earnt it.

I’m discerning, too.

But, however discerning we may be, there might be times in which you feel unsure. Alone, even. When you have achieved what most people consider to be unparalleled success, there can be an element of fear attached to the idea of progress. But you aren’t lost, or vulnerable. You don’t need a shrink. You don’t need your mind analysed. You don’t need someone to delve into your psyche. You just want an ear. Someone discreet, whose feathers won’t ruffle, someone who cannot be shocked. A listener, another mind with whom you can bounce ideas back and forth, without feeling as though you might offend. Someone who can act as your support in finding yourown truth, your own path, and your own solution – in your own way. Whether that’s in business or in your personal life, it’s up to you.

I needed that, too. And I realised how many other people might need it, so I decided to fill that gap and provide what hadn’t been there for me.

I am that ‘someone’, the best friend that no one knows about. The Confidante.
The truth, however trite it sounds, is that
a problem shared is a problem halved.