You know what you’re doing. Or maybe you don’t. Either way, we can formulate a strategy that works.

I craft corporate strategy. I’ve got an academic understanding of strategy, combined with a career of first-hand experience. I’ve orchestrated private-public partnerships on an international scale involving multinational companies and nation states, reconciling conflicting interests between private and public corporations. I’m working with countries, with companies, with corporations of global importance. But for me, there is nothing more strategically important than an individual.

It might be that you know exactly what your next move is. You might have it all planned out, with a definite goal in mind: growing your business so that you can sell it or acquiring a new company to build up your portfolio, for example. But that definite goal is a definite end. Where do you go from there? Analysing your current plan and your past patterns, we can decipher your motivations – whether conscious or unconscious – and use these to realise a dream behind the horizon, a greater aspiration that shatters the definite goal you had set. Through innovative strategy, we’re going to leave ceilings and superficial goals behind. This is a plan for the future that redefines the present.

Perhaps that doesn’t sound like you at all. You might not know where to start with the present, let alone planning for the future. It’s a daunting task – so, let’s forget all of that. Let’s begin with you. Mobilising a series of strategic models, we can reveal your capabilities, your passions and motivations. From there, we can figure out the rest. We’ll overcome any fear surrounding the future by strategically assessing and mitigating risk. Armed with that intimate knowledge of yourself and your abilities, we can plan a trajectory that doesn’t just project to the future but makes the present count.
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